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16WFP-5200 LED Flashlight (640 lumens)

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I bought this flashlight from our Local Snap-On Salesman. First let me say one very important thing.. This thing is stupid bright...It rivals a 12 volt plugin spotlight with the truck running. The construction of this flashlight is the absolute best. I'm telling you the warranty they give is for people that want one on paper (unless you are careless), you're not gonna need it. I left mine in the back of a truck full of mud and grass from hunting all weekend for a WEEK. I found it in the exact shape i left it in... 100% perfect. Lets just say it: 100% real glass lens, 100% real aluminum reflector, 100% bad ass...PERIOD

If you know flashlights, and know how much a good one is worth the money and possibly your'e safety then you will not be unhappy with any of sunlite's models.
Date Added: 10/02/2012 by Casey Gillham