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8WFP-3000 LED Flashlight (420 lumens)

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  • Model: SNLET8W4022A

Retail: $159.99
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  • Output: 420 Lumens (tail switch), 170 Lumens (side switch)
  • Run Time: 3 hours (tail switch), 6 hours (side switch)
  • Length: 5.9", LED Diameter: 1.6"
  • Weight: 5.7 oz (with battery)
  • Rechargeable 3000mAh Li-ion battery
  • Super-tight center beam for far projection
  • Aluminum reflector and replaceable glass lens
  • Included: Belt Pouch and AC Charger
  • Optional Accessories: Forward Clicky Tailcap and 12V Car Charger

  • Notes:
    The charger that comes with the light is a 4.6V/1.2A AC charger. Please DO NOT use a charger with a voltage higher than 4.6V or current higher than 1.2A with the 8WFP-3000 LED Flashlight.
    The Rechargeable Li-ion battery that comes with the light uses an LG battery cell.
    A Protection Circuit added to the battery cell prevents overcharge and deep discharge.
    It is highly recommended to use only the provided battery and AC charger with the 8WFP LED Flashlight. A Regular 18650 battery will not work with this product.

    Important Notes:
  • Has a single 45x45 mil LED chip
  • The LED glass lens is replaceable.
  • One should Never Directly Touch the LED Chip!
  • Uses the same reflector as the 12WFP
  • Has a Copper Substrate to efficiently remove heat generated by the LED.
  • The thermal conductivity of the LED is around 1 C/W.
  • Makes use of Heat Fins, an Aluminum Reflector, and an Anodized Aluminum Housing to enhance heat dissipation.
  • The Clicky Tailcap is 1.3" long, and the Twisty Tailcap is 0.8" long. The Tail Switch works via mechanical contact. Please use alcohol to clean the Tailcap's interior and "edge" along the Flashlight Housing as needed.
  • The Side Switch Unit is replaceable; make sure to keep the metal contact washer inside the switch unit.
  • Charger output: 4.5-4.7 VDC
  • Battery Lifetime: 300-500 Recharges. Dropping the flashlight may damage the protection circuit on the battery which will significantly affect the battery lifetime.
  • We have a one-year warranty on the battery and charger. The flashlight itself has a Limited Lifetime Warranty.