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Slim 3W LED Heads (Fitting: M11.50x0.7mm)

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  • Model: SNLxx3W13

Retail: $38.00
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Please call 785-832-8818 if you need a cool white 3-Watt Slim LED head.

Retail Price:
$45 for 395nm UV, for leak detecting
$59 for 425nm UV. 590nm Amber, 660nm Red
$109 for 365nm UV, for curing

The following wavelength LED Heads may need 2-3 weeks of lead time: 425nm UV, 465nm Blue, 525nm Green, 590nm Amber, 660nm Red

Amber (590nm) and Red (625nm, 660nm) Slim LED heads may be burned if used with a rechargeable power unit. Please only use the Red and Amber Slim LED heads with the Slim or Slim2 housings.

Part# for different emitting colors

SNLWT3WW13 white
SNLBU3WW13 blue
SNLGN3WW13 green
SNLRD3WW13 red
SNLUV1WW13-395 395nm UV
SNLUV2WW13-365 365nm UV