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8WFP LED Heads (Fitting: M11.50x0.7mm)

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  • Model: SNLxx8W40

Retail: $59.99
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Retail Price:
$59.99 for Cool White
$68 for Blue or Green
$102 for UV-395 (for leak detecting)
$105 for UV-425 (call to order)
$167 for UV-365 (for curing)

---Copper mounting base
---Fins to enhance the heat removal
---Aluminum reflector (OP or SMO)
---Type III Hard Anodized Aluminum housing
---Toughened UCL glass lens

The following wavelengths may require 2-3 weeks lead time:
455nm and 505nm

Infra-red, Red, and Amber 8WFP LED Heads can ONLY be used with a CR123 version non-rechargeable power unit. Infra-red, Red and Amber LED light will be burned if used with a rechargeable power unit. Burned Red and Amber 8WFP LEDs are not covered by warranty.

Part# for different colors
SNLWT8W40 white (over 300 lumens)
SNLUV8W40-395 395nm UV
SNLUV8W40-365 365nm UV
SNLBU8W40-455 455nm blue
SNLBU8W40-465 465nm blue
SNLGN8W40-505 505nm green
SNLGN8W40-525 525nm green