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Eagle LED Heads (Fitting: M11.50x0.7mm)

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  • Model: SNLxxK227

Retail: $42.00
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Please call 785-832-8818 to order a white output Eagle LED head:
$42 for standard 470 lumen Black or Red Eagle LED

Retail Price:
$42 for Blue 455nm
$59 for Red 625nm
$63 for Infra-red 850nm
$63 for UV-395nm (typically for leak detecting)

Some wavelengths may require 2-3 weeks lead time to order.

Part# for different emitting colors:
SNLWTK227 white
SNLBUK227-455 455nm blue
SNLBUK227-465 465nm blue
SNLGNP427-505 505nm green
SNLGNP427-525 525nm green
SNLIRK227 infra-red
SNLRDK227 red
SNLUVK227-395 395nm UV