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Slim Penlight Forensics Package

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  • Model: SLIM Package

Retail: $45.99
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      List price includes a standard white LED head

      SST's Slim Penlight is a perfect way to create a personalized Forensics Package containing just the wavelengths that you need.

      Start with the Slim Penlight housing, batteries, and one LED head, and build a package by adding additional wavelength LED heads we offer for the Slim.

    • 340 lumens output (standard white)
    • Fits nicely in a shirt pocket
    • LED head made with a recessed glass lens
    • Dimensions: 6.1" Long X 0.5" Diameter
    • Weight: 2.1 oz with batteries
    • Comes with three AAA batteries

The Red 625nm Slim LED head may be get burned if used on one of our rechargeable flashlights (power unit). Please only use the Red 625nm Slim LED with a Slim or Slim2 housing. All other Slim colored LED heads are OK to use with our rechargeable power units.

Also note: The Slim UV 365nm and Slim UV 395nm LED Heads will not work on a Slim2 housing, as the output will be very low.

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