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6.5W 20" Sunstrip10 (12V)

  • Model: ST10Y20M6

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    Recommended for shelf lighting, can be mounted 3 ft apart
    • 730 lumens, brighter than a 15-watt fluorescent lamp
    • Takes 9-23V
    • 6000K
    • Aluminum LED strip: 20"(L) x 0.4"(W) x0.31"(H)
    • Coverage 150 degree, evenly covers 3 feet shelf area
    • Can be mounted to the front of the shelf
    • Swivel endcaps included to adjust angle
    • Can be linked up to 6 units
    • Wiring cable or connection linking cable included with every SunStrip
    • Operating ambient temperature -40°C to +60°C
    • 5-year warranty

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Dimension: 20"(L) x 0.4"(W) x0.31"(H)
Brightness: 540 lumens
Coverage: 150 degree
Color Rendering Index (Ra): ~75
Weight: 2o.z.
Current on LED: 700mA

Please call 785-8328818 for instruction sheet.

Why We’re Unique
All of our LED Light Strips use our proprietary AS-LEDs (Application Specific LEDs), which are designed for perfect integration with our lights. While other manufacturers take extra steps and put their LEDs on a MC-PCB board and use plastic coverings, we place our AS-LEDs directly on aluminum. Due to this and the unsurpassed durability and heat dissipation of our designs, our LED Light Strips catapult to the top in terms of lifetime, efficiency, and brightness.

  • Wall plug 12-to-110 converters
  • On/off switch on cable
  • Permanent Mount dimmable 12-to-110 converters
  • Dimming switch

10-year warranty on LED strip.