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Slim2 LED Penlight (150 lumens)

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  • Model: SNLSM2WW13

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Online Price $25.00

    • Initial output: 150 lumens
    • Light dims after 5 hours but will stay on for 20 hours
    • 4.5 inch length
    • Comes with a 1W Slim LED head
    • Comes with two AAA batteries
    • Dimensions: 4.5"L X 0.51"
    • Weight: 1.5 oz. with batteries
    • Recessed glass lens
    • O-ring sealed, IP 66 equivalent (dust-tight and water resistant, but not water-proof)

Important Notes:
The UV-395nm and UV-365nm heads may not be strong enough when used with a Slim2 housing.
It is fine to use a rechargeable power unit (i.e. SST's Eagle, Eagle Turbo, or Headlamp) with all of our colored Slim LED heads except for the Red Slim LED head (the Red Slim LED head can get burned if used with a rechargeable power unit). The Red Slim LED head should only be used with our Slim or Slim2 housings.

Warranty Info.

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on the penlight (Corrosion damage from batteries, major damage, and long-term wear and tear are not covered).
  • If the batteries are weak, the light will still turn on, but it may flicker.
  • Please make sure all the battery contacts (and the contact of the LED head) are clean. Even new batteries may have dust on the contacts.
  • If the light is dropped on a hard surface, the batteries may become dented on the positive tip side. This may cause the light to flicker.
  • The Penlight is sealed by two o-rings, and the tube is air tight. If exposed to a huge temperature swing, air inside may expand to the point that pressure buildup breaks the switch's rubber cover. To prevent this, you can occasionally unscrew the LED head enough to let air escape and equalize the pressure.
  • We offer reduced pricing to replace a Slim2 if damaged or no longer covered by warranty, please call us at (785) 832-8818 for details.