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Slim3W LED Penlight (340 lumens)

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  • Model: SNLSM3WW13

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    • 340 lumen output
    • Patented penlight design, with interchangeable LED heads
    • LED head made with patented AS-LED module technology and a recessed glass lens
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty (excludes battery corrosion damage, water damage, and wear and tear)
    • O-ring seal, IP 66 equivalent (dust-tight & water resistant, but not water-proof)
    • Fits nicely in a shirt pocket
    • Dimensions: 6.1"L X 0.51"W
    • Weight: 2.1 oz. with batteries
    • Comes with three AAA batteries and a protective rubber sleeve

    Model Upgrades
    A spring was added to the LED head in 2015. The spring helps make good contact to the batteries, and it also acts as a cushion to help prevent indenting the batteries if the unit gets dropped. Upgrades to the LED head/LED chip are typically done every 6-12 months.

    Warranty Information

    • Our Slim penlights come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty (damage caused by liquids, battery corrosion, and wear & tear is not covered). Battery leakage and water damage may cause the LED chip (which usually appears as a yellow square in the center of the LED head) to turn black.
    • Note: If the batteries are weak, the light will still turn on, but it may flicker.
    • Please make sure that all the contacts between the batteries and the LED head are clean. Even new batteries may have some dust or dirt on the contacts.
    • Our penlight is sealed by two o-rings and the tube is air tight. Sudden large temperature changes can cause air trapped inside the tube to expand; this built-up pressure can damage/pop the switch rubber cover. To prevent this, it is recommended to occasionally unscrew the LED head in order to stabilize the air pressure inside the tube.

    Important Note
    It is fine to use a rechargeable power unit (i.e. SST's Eagle, Eagle Turbo, or Headlamp) with all our colored Slim LED heads except for the Red Slim LED head (the Red Slim LED head can get burned if used with a rechargeable power unit). The Red Slim LED head should only be used with our Slim or Slim2 housings.

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