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Slim UV-395nm Penlight

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  • Model: SNLSM1WUV13

Retail: $66.99
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  • Initial output power: 620mW
  • Light output dims after ~5 hours
  • Push button On-Off switch
  • Performs better on UV-dye than a 100W corded UV light
  • Recessed glass lens (prevents scratching and yellowing)
  • Optional: Other color Slim LED heads
  • Optional: Headset Attachment Set
  • Optional: Flexible Tube attachment
  • The Slim 3W 395nm UV LED head can also be used on our rechargeable flashlights
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Specification SheetSlim UV-395 Datasheet

AS-LED Technology allows us to achieve the best heat dissipation

UV warning

slim395 slim395 slim395 slim395
  • Headset Attachment
  • Flexible Tubes
  • Slim LED Heads
  • Rubber Sleeves

Please see links to accessories and parts below

Slim True UV LED Light Versus Filtered UV Light
Our Slim UV LED light performs better on dye than a 100 W corded UV light

A filtered high power UV flashlight uses a filter to obtain UV light from a xenon bulb. Most of the light from the xenon bulb becomes wasted. The bulb also runs hot and needs to be replaced often. A filtered high power UV flashlight is usually powered by a rechargeable battery to be able to run continuously for around 1 hour after each recharge. This type of high power UV flashlight usually costs around $200

Our Slim UV LED head can also be attached to our Eagle rechargeable flashlight, which increases the UV lights output power. The battery can also run continuously for around 10 hours after each recharge.

Slim True UV LED Light Versus other UV LED Lights.
Other UV LED lights use single or multiple epoxy-encapsulated UV LED lamps. Heat generated from the LED chip becomes trapped, and the temperature of the LED chip will rise to over 125 degree C in only a few seconds. The UV light therefore will shift to a longer wavelength of over 420 nm to become deep blue. In addition, the epoxy encapsulation turns yellow after exposed to the UV light, the light therefore degrades over time

Our Slim UV LED light (395 nm) uses a Power UV LED chip that is 10 times larger than regular ones. The chip is directly alloyed onto the copper housing, so the heat generated from the chip is efficiently drained. As a result, the temperature of the LED chip stays nearly the same as that of the LED head.