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Turbo Strobing LED Flashlight

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  • Model: SNLTNR

Retail: $80.00
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    • 300 lumens
    • Run 1.5 hrs Constantly on
    • Uses two CR123 Lithium batteries.
    • Height 4.7", LED 1", Weight 4.0 oz
    • Current regulated
    • Strobing will not cause seizure.
    • Side switch selects between strobing and standard

Tab View Script

Turbo Strobing Datasheet

AS-LED Technology allows us to achieve the best heat dissipation

CR123 Turbo CR123 Turbo CR123 Turbo
  • Headset Attachment
  • Gun Mount and Bike Mount
  • Clicky Tailcap
  • Pressure Tail Switches.
  • Color Turbo LED Heads
  • Rubber Sleeves

Please see links to accessories and parts below

LED Lens is not replaceable. We can exchange the whole LED head with new for $16, please call 785-8328818 for details.

Side switch unit is replaceable, please make sure you keep the metal washer inside.

Tail switch is mechanical contact, if just the tail switch flickers, it is because the edge on the housing or tailcap interior is greasy. Please use alcohol to clean them.

Limited lifetime warranty on light