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8WFP H/L LED Flashlight (420 lumens)

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  • Model: SNLTNR8W-HL

Retail: $109.99
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    • 420 lumens (High)
    • Runtime: 1.5 hours (Low Power)
    • Height 5.9", LED 1.6", Weight 5.7 oz
    • Comes with 2 CR123 Lithium batteries
    • Current regulated
    • Side switch selects between High and Low
    • LOW runs at 1/10th the current of HIGH.
    • Super tight center beam
    • Aluminum reflector, glass lens

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8WFP strobing Datasheet

AS-LED Technology allows us to achieve the best heat dissipation

8WFP2200 8WFP2200 8WFP2200 8WFP2200 8WFP2200
  • Headset Attachment
  • Gun Mount and Bike Mount.
  • Pressure Tail Switches.
  • Forward Clicky Tail Switch
  • Color 8W LEDs

Please see links to accessories and parts below

Single 60x60 mil LED chip.
Same size reflector and glass lens as 12WFP LED flashlight
The thermal conductivity of the LED is around 1 C /W.
Copper substrate to quickly drain the generated heat.
Fins, aluminum reflector, anodized almunium housing to enhance heat dissipation.
Clicky Tailcap is 1.3 long, Twisty Tailcap is 0.8" long.