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24W LED Underhood Light (Two 1-foot Strips, 4 LEDs)

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  • Model: SNLUH21F2

Retail: $239.99
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SST LED Underdhood Datasheet

SNLUH21F2 includes: (2) 1-foot LED strips, car battery clamps, and cigarette lighter power adapter.

SNLUH21F2AC includes: (2) 1-foot LED strips, car battery clamps, cigarette lighter power adapter, and AC wall adapter.

The UH21F2 Set is upgradable and was designed for flexibility.
You can upgrade this set by linking another 1-foot LED strip (see UH1F2BAR: $115).
You can slide the two LED strips together or pull them apart to direct the light output exactly where it is needed.

    • 3800 lumens (SNLUH21F2 or SNLUH21F2AC)
    • Two 1-foot length aluminum bar, 4cm wide, 1cm thick
    • Comes with car battery clamps and cigarette lighter adapter
    • Linkable up to 4 units (if powered by car battery clamps or cigarette lighter adapter)
    • Optional: AC wall adapter

Limited lifetime warranty on the LED Strip
Underhood Light