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9400-lumens Troffer Retrofit Kit

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  • Model: KIT2-LPF-ST30P

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  • 9400 lumens
  • Includes a driver and two 44" Aluminum Strips.
  • Replace either Eight T-12 fluorescent tubes or Four T-8 fluorescent tubes.
  • Swivel Endcaps included for adjusting angle of the strips.
  • Color Temperature 4100K is recommended for office use.
  • Color Temperature 5000K is recommended for warehouse use.

Retrofit Kit

Installation for Double-Strip Retrofit Kit

LPF driver wired to fixture
  • Remove the wiring compartment.
  • Cut leads from the ballast to the socket housing.
  • Cut leads from the ballast to the input power, leave as much length as possible for electrical connections.
  • Remove ballast.
  • Remove socket housing.
  • Bring new driver into housing using mounting holes from old ballast. The blue and white wire on the driver is 0-10V dimming wire. If dimming will not be used, individually cap the blue wire and the white wire.
  • Connect the AC side of the LED driver to the input power.
  • Connect the DC side of the LED driver to the two fixture according to the wiring diagram above.

Return on Investment (ROI) for the 9400-lumen Double-Strip Retrofit Kit v.s. T-8 Fluorescent tube

Assumptions: Hours of Operation: 24 hrs/day, 365 days a year Electricity Rate: $0.09/kWH Air Conditioner EER: 10 AC Operation: 5 months per year, 30 days per month

Fixture T-8 Fluorescent tube Retrofit Kits
Number of tube 4 1
Time to Upgrade Ballast 20 min N/A
Time to Install N/A 10 min
Time to Replace tube 10 min N/A
Power Consumption 128W 60W
Yearly Saving N/A $46
ROI N/A 1.5 years