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Rechargeable LED Workstation DeskLight (380 lumens)

  • Model: SNLWS60

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    • 380 lumens
    • 150 degree flood light
    • Useful Light = one 60W incandescent lamp
    • Includes a 2200 mAh Li-ion battery and a AC charger
    • Light works without battery if charger is plugged in
    • Comes with a flexible neck
    • Comes with a detachable aluminum magnetic base that is strong enough to allow the light stay vertically
The rechargeable Li-ion battery comes with the light uses a LG battery cell. Protection circuit was added the battery cell to prevent overcharge and deep discharge. The AC charger comes with the light is a 4.6V/1.2A AC charger. The original battery and charger are highly recommended for this product. Please do not use any 18650 battery without protection circuit. Please do not use a charger with a voltage higher than 4.6V, or with a current higher than 1.2A.