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7.5W 20" Sunstrip10 Cove Light (24V)

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  • Model: ST10Y20M6

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540 lumens
45W incandescent equivalent
consumes 7.5W

Warning: 24V/20" Sunstrip10 need be connected before connected to LED driver
LED driver: LPC-20-350 drives 2, (2 24V/20" Sunstrip10 connected in serial)
LED driver: ELN-30-48D(dimmable)drives 4 (2 parallel groups of 2 24V/20" Sunstrip10 in serial)
LED driver: ELN-60-48D(dimmable)drives 8-10 (4-5 parallel groups of 2 24V/20" Sunstrip10 in serial)

    • Consumes 7.5W, 540 lumens,6000K
    • Input 350mA/24V
    • Aluminum LED strip: 20"(L) x 0.4"(W) x0.31"(H)
    • Swivel endcaps included to adjust angle
    • Operating ambient temperature -40°C to +60°C
    • 5-year warranty
    • Strips with magnets on the back are available.
    • Dimming is available when combined with a dimmable LED driver and a dimming switch.
18'X18' Living Room Estimate (20 pcs Sunstrip10 cove light or 8 pcs halogen downlight, 6 hours a day, $0.12/kwh)
Cost at installation of ST10Y20M6 will be recovered in 10 years.
Suntrip10 cove Halogen
Total lumens 7200 7200
Total Cost at Installation ($) 2232 500
Total Parts Cost in 22 years 0 1658
Total Electric Bill in 22 years 693 2313
Total Costs in 22 years 2925 4471