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A Pioneer in LED Chip Technology
LED Underhood Light
LED Underhood Light (~150 degree Flood Light)
Useful Light = two 30W fluorescent lamp
--- Brightness: 1800 lumens
--- All aluminum bar, 4cm in width, 1cm in thickness
--- Comes with car battery clamps
--- Optional 110V-to-12V converter (with on/off switch)for 110V applications
Part Number: SNLUH2F3

Online: $199.00 (without 12V-to-110V converter)
Retail:  $200.00
Converter Options
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LED Undercabinet Light
(410-550 lumens)
LED Ceiling Light
(1620-4600 lumens)
LED Underhood Light
(1620 lumens)
LED Workstation Light
(rechargeable, 350 lumens)
LED Car Light
(350 lumens)
LED Utility Light
(rechargeable, 350 lumens)

LED UV Light
UV-365 light
(for non destrustive testing & curing)
UV-395 Light
(leak detecting; fossil,scorpion detecting)

LED Penlight
Slim3W (100 lumen)
Slim1W (65 lumen)
Slim2 (60 lumen)
Slim Jr. (30 lumen)

LED Rechargeable Flashlight
Turbo Model LED Flashlight
(Dual Switches, rechargeable)
16WFP (580 lumens)
80FP (550 lumens)
12WFP (580 lumens)
8WFP (320 lumens)
Turbo (220 lumens)

Eagle Model LED Flashlight
(magnetic endcap, rechargeable)

LED CR123 Light
CR123 Flashlight
(250 lumens, strobing feature)
Turbo Jr Pistol Light
(180 lumen)

LED Tool Light, AAA version
Eagle TriA (120 lumen)

LED head, flood light
LED head, concentrated center beam
Turbo LED
Eagle LED
Slim LED
Slim Jr. LED

Headset Attachment, Flexible Tubes, Fixture
For all Rechargeable Lights
Batteries and Chargers
Belt Pouch
For Turbo Model RCHG, CR123 Lights
Tailcap,Pressue switch
Gun Mount, Pressure Button
Rubber Sleeve
For Eagle Model RCHG
Magnetic Endcap
For Slim Penlights
Rubber Sleeve
Contacting PCB
For Slim Jr. Penlights
Flexible tube
Contacting PCB

Housings, Endcap, Side Switch
Turbo Model
Eagle Model
CR123 version
Slim Jr.
Other Small Parts
Utility Light (Side Magnet, Hook)
16WFP (Lens, Lens ring, Reflector)
8WFP(Lens, Lens ring)
Eagle(Lens, Lens ring)
Power Supply with Switch
Retail  (USD)
12V-to-110V Converter (36W)
(wall plug),
Online    $40.00
Retail       $40.00
12V-to-110V Converter (24W)
(wall plug),
Online    $35.00
Retail       $35.00