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LED Rechargeable Flashlights

Sunlite's Rechargeable LED Flashlights use Lithium-ion batteries. The same AC wall charger and car charger work with all of Sunlite's rechargeable LED flashlights, and these lights can be directly powered using a charger instead of using their batteries.

Sunlite Rechargeable Flashlight

Sunlite's Rechargeable LED Lights are available in many different light colors and sizes. Our rechargeable LED heads are truly interchangeable; even our Slim LED heads can fit on any of our rechargeable light products. Sunlite's Rechargeable LED Lights use rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that are packaged with an LG Lithium-ion battery cell(s) and an added protection circuit to prevent overcharge and deep discharge of the batteries. Sunlite's LED heads come with a lifetime warranty; our rechargeable batteries and chargers have a one-year warranty. Switches are lifetime warranty if the rubber cover that protects the switch is not damaged. It is highly recommended to use the original battery and charger with these products. Please do not use any 18650 battery without a protection circuit with Sunlite's LED flashlights. Also, please DO NOT use any chargers with a voltage higher than 4.6V, or with a current higher than 1.2A, with Sunlite's rechargeable LED flashlight products.

The LED heads on Sunlite's flashlights are interchangeable. Sunlite's flashlights can also be used with an optional flexible tube that connects the power unit (handle) to the LED head. They can also be turned into a headlamp with a headset attachment!

Sunlite Rechargeable Flashlight

Sunlite's Turbo model LED flashlight (shown below) comes with two switches: a low-power setting side switch, and a high-power setting tail switch.
Turbo Model

Sunlite's Eagle model LED flashlight (shown below) only has one power setting activated by a side switch. The Eagle model flashlight can come with an optional magnetic endcap. The magnetic endcap is very useful because it allows the flashlight to be magnetically attached to metal counters, toolboxes, doorframes, etc.
Eagle Model