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Twin Light ?plastic base) 8WUV-365 (with two 8W UV-365 LEDs)

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  • Model: SNLTLUVUV8W365

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Perfect for microscope or stereoscope application.

  • Light fixture with plastic base
  • Comes 2 8W UV-365 LEDs
  • 8WFP UV Output 330mW each (@1200mA)
  • 2 degree center beam, center beam diameter 1.5 inches
  • Current Regulated if use AC charger/adapter
  • Optional Slim LED (210mW)
  • Optional 12WFP UV-365 LED (470mW), 2-3 weeks lead time
  • Comes 110-240V AC charger
  • flexible neck
  • Three-position switch on the back of the base
    ---Position I : 30 ~ 200mA
    ---Position II : 30 ~ 500mA
    ---Position III : 30 ~ 1200mA
  • Dimming switch for each LED head on the panel

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AS-LED Technology allows us to achieve the best heat dissipation

UV warning

  • Li-ion Battery, AC charger, DC charger
  • Magnetic base
  • Eagle Housing, Endcap, Side switch unit

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Our UV-365 LED lights will not degrade since we use glass lens.
Other UV lights that are built with multiple T-13/4 epoxy-encapsulated UV LED lamps will degrade 50% after 500 hours because the epoxy encapsulation turns yellow after exposed to the UV light.

Our UV-365 LED lights will not have significant wavelength shift even at high current of 1200mA because the LED chip is direclty alloyed onto the copper base and the heat generated from the chip is efficiently drained.
Other epoxy-encapsulated UV LED light will shift to a much longer wavelength (the high the current, the longer the wavelength) after being on for a few seconds because heat generated from the LED chip becomes trapped, and the temperature of the LED chip will rise to over 125 degree C in only a few seconds.